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  • I have a husband, but we aren't married because it is not accepted in our society. Tomorrow he may get married to a proper girl from a good family and I will remain where I am. I am fine with that because I know this reality. I have faith in God and work as a Pujari in a temple as well.
    My mother tried to burn me when she discovered what I did to myself. I think at some point all trans people have tried to commit suicide. But we live and love. We learn to love ourselves, what choice is there?
    My dignity development is my first priority. I would like to eventually earn enough money to run a ladies dress fashion store. When I turn 50, I will throw a huge party and I will commit suicide. There is no one to take care of people like us, other than ourselves. Best to live life with dignity and end it on that note.
    I got my surgery done at 19 years. Later tried to commit suicide a few times because while my family took me back, no one speaks to me. I have to fend for myself. I would like to have a good job so that I can donate to orphans. I too feel like one.